Best Videos Ever: Aug 5 - Aug 12

Learn Tried and True Ways to Beat That Chub Rub

So you're a thick girl who loves her summer shorts? Well then, heed her advice - it's a godsend. Insider info about anti-chaffing products, authentic footage of touching thighs and fast-cutting scenes made for a video that left us cracking up and more educated about chub rub than we ever wanted to be.

SOML August 11,2016 Footage by Shutterstock

August 11,2016

Footage by Shutterstock

He Went From YouTube Tutorials to Olympic Legend

Hold the iPhone, YouTube isn't just for learning how to do makeup and put on ties?! Julius Yego proves quite the opposite. When the story is this good, and in a format optimized for mobile, it's no surprise that this video got over 13M views. Damn. 

Playground+ August 10,2016

August 10,2016

It's Confirmed. Simone Biles Cannot Be Beat, By Anyone

How does she stick that landing, every time? Near the end of this video, they break down her movement via super-impressive graphics against captivating music. Try not watching it on repeat, I dare you.

The New York Times August 9, 2016

The New York Times
August 9, 2016

Hallelujah. First Transgender Athlete Makes The Men's Team

Loving this clever, interview-style voiceover, getting Chris Mosier to tell us his story humblee. (See what we did there?).  

August 9, 2016

She Didn't Win The Gold, She Won The World.

While this video may not win the "coolest graphics" award, Fu Yuanhui's adorable giddiness and good ol' Mandarin slang when she unexpectedly snagged the bronze earned her the title of "comedian in the swimming profession".  In fact, she now has over 1.8M followers on her official Weibo account, A Chinese microblogging service.

Propeller TV August 8, 2016

Propeller TV
August 8, 2016